Preparing you property for rent

Preparing you property for rent

There are many factors you can put in place to boost the property’s appeal and potential for attracting quality tenants.

A well presented property provides a far greater chance of securing a high quality tenant, but chances are, they’ll take better care of it also. Before marketing commences, check our recommendations to ensure you get the winning edge over your competitors.

Be sure your property meets the basic requirements of a quality household.

  • security: locks that work easily and windows that close property.
  • privacy: curtains or blinds installed on windows, plus fencing or screening where required.

Check your property meets current regulations or safety guidelines (we can advise you on this).

Also check fixtures such as pool fences, stairs, railings, balconies, blinds and curtains, glass and windows. Does it meet the electrical and water efficiency standards under the local Residential Tenancies Act?

A property less than sparkling clean, can be off-putting to a new tenants. It also sets the precedent for the standard of cleanliness expected, when your tenants vacate. 

Invest in professional cleaning so your property looks spotless and removes any signs of previous inhabitants (This is even more important if the previous tenants had pets).

  • Professionally steam clean or dry-clean carpets
  • Re-polishing floorboards and tiled flooring
  • Cleaning windows
  • Cleaning curtains and blinds
  • Detail cleaning all interiors and furnishings
  • Cleaning exteriors – including removal of cobwebs, cleaning weatherboards, gutters and fittings. 

First impressions start from the outside.

Pay particular attention to:

  • The front door and communal doors
  • cleaning front entrance and external light fittings
  • Cleaning garage door and garage flooring
  • Removing cobwebs from eaves
  • Cleaning windows and glass doors
  • Sweeping and hosing down driveways, pathways and paved areas
  • Removing stains from driveway
  • Removing all rubbish and garden refuse
  • Tidying the garden

If the grounds of your home require special attention, you may wish to arrange for the gardening to be included in the rental agreement.C

You can become familiar with the way ‘things work’ but a tenant will want repairs done to anything imperfect. Inspect all fixtures and check if they require replacing or repairing to avoid the expense of contractors…

Key problem areas are:

  • Mouldy bathroom grouting/sealant
  • Kitchen units, appliances and worktop sealant
  • White goods
  • Leaking washers or taps
  • Broken tiles and chipped paint
  • Broken light fittings & burnt out light bulbs
  • Broken door and window latches 
  • Smoke detector batteries
  • Clogged guttering and/or drains
  • heating and/or cooling systems requiring service
  • Dirty fireplaces
  • Faulty or damaged appliances
  • Faulty fences, gates or security systems

Fixing the small jobs will save you money in the long term.

Updating the interior of a home instantly lifts it’s mood and appeal to tenants. New paint, carpet and light fittings transform outdated spaces.

If you can afford to go one step further, then modernising a kitchen or bathroom is a great long-term strategy. One that will immediately elevate the perceived value of the property and increase its rental return.

  • Smoke detectors – one must be present in the ceiling of each floor of the property, and tested as working
  • Carbon Monoxide alarms – one should be present by each gas appliance (eg: boiler, hob, fires) and as a legal requirement to any solid fuel burner (ie: log burners, stoves)
  • EICR – It is now a legal requirement for all properties to have an electrical inspection prior to any lettings starting.
  • Gas safety inspection – this is an annual inspection whenever gas is present in a property and needs to be done prior to any tenancy starting.
  • Energy performance certificate – a requirement in order to commence marketing of any property being let or sold. They are valid for 10 years so it may be possible that one is already in existence and can be used, unless improvements to the property have been made which dramatically affect the rating. For lettings the rating has to be in band E or above, unless there is an exception status.

We are able to advise further on request

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